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Shahin B., President


As a little boy Shahin was always curious what God looked like and wanted to see Him with his own eyes. He had a sensitive mind towards his childhood faith, Islam, and at times made efforts to be a good practicing Muslim boy. But all this changed when his twin brother Shahbaz at the age of 18 had an extraordinary meeting with Jesus that changed not only his own, but the life of most of his immediate family, including his twin brother Shahin. God’s providence and miracles that followed did not leave any place for Shahin to doubt the power of God’s love in his own life.

Since his conversion Shahin has served Christ—as a missionary, Bible worker, evangelist, and health worker—in three different continents. One of his passions is to be out there in the streets and sharing the gospel with people of all backgrounds. 

Shahin has accepted the call to take over his brother Shahbaz's position as the president of Advent Lighthouse. This work he undertakes with a sense of its great need to exist so that the Muslim population of North America and Europe can have an opportunity to see and know Jesus for themselves.

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