The Persian Refugee Immigrants of Houston


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When it comes to Muslims ministry, according to reliable statistics from various mission organizations around the globe, the Christian church is growing exponentially amongst the Persian-speaking people of Iran and Afghanistan. ASAP’s Reach the World Next Door (RWND) project in Texas is to reach as many Persian refugees in Houston. Pastor Shahbaz has joined ASAP ministries as Church Planter amongst the Persian speaking people in Houston. Won't you please consider helping this project move forward with greater speed? For all contributions please simple click on the donate button. Thank you for your financial support!



"Go ye into all nations..." is the call from the Master. We want to take that call very seriously, therefore, we have partnered with the Swedish and German conferences in Europe in order to plant churches amongst the Iranian and Afghan refugees and immigrants in both these territories. The Iranian and Afghan refugee immigrant population in Sweden is the second largest concentration of this people group in Europe. The title for first place goes to Germany with the larges concentration of Iranian and Afghan refugees and immigrants in Europe. Since early 2018 Pastor Shahbaz has been working in conjunction with the Swedish and German conferences to promote the three angels messages amongst this unique people group. To date Pastor Shahbaz has baptized 14 souls in Sweden and at least 5 more have been baptized in Germany with many more potential candidates. There are over 80 interests in Germany alone and the group in Sweden is steadily growing. Plans are in to plant churches in both territories. Wont you please consider supporting us in this most important endeavor through your prayers and financial support? For all contributions please simply click on the donate button.

The Persian Refugee Immigrants of Sweden and Germany